It was acquired by TE Connectivity (Tyco Electronics) in December 2010


ADC Telecommunications




ADC Telecommunications was a communications company located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, a southwest suburb of Minneapolis. It was acquired by TE Connectivity (Tyco Electronics) in December 2010 and ceased to exist as a separate entity. It vacated its Eden Prairie location in May 2011 and moved staff and resources to other locations. ADC solutions are now under CommScope after it acquired the BNS business from TE Connectivity in August 2015.


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M2770124-5K3-0945の取扱い販売会社 株式会社クレバーテック  会社情報(PDF)    戻る

80 0001511120000  0161708093001 

M27 M-270 M270112N150-800 M270112N150-8R0 M270130P46-50
M27029M126-15 M270708-3C-001 M2707294NDDEX M27-0754 M270857
M2708Q M271 M27103-01 M2710312 M2711
M271-1200R M27125-14 M27125A-4F1 M2712825 M27128-250NS
M27128-2F1 M27128A-125V M27128A-12F1 M27128A-1F1 M27128A-20
M27128A-20CP M27128A-20F1 M27128A20F1125V M27128A-25F1 M27128A25F1125V
M27128A-25F1T M27128A-25FI M27128A-2F1 M27128A2F1125V M27128A-2F1PGM
M27128A2F1PGM125V M27128A-2F1REF M27128A-2FI M27128A-2FI-PGM-125 M27128A-2FIPGM-125V
M27128A30F1 M27128A3F1 M27128A-3F1PGM M27128A-3F1PGM125V M27128A-3FI
M27128A-45F1 M27128A-4F1 M27128A-4F1PULL M27128A-4FI M27128A-AF1125V
M27128AF1 M27128AF1125V M27128AF112V5 M27128AF1-250 M27128AF1-250F1
M27128AF1-I M27128AF1PGM125V M27128AF1--PROGRAMMED M27128AF1PULL M27128AF1-PULLS
M27128AF1ST M27128AF1USED M27128AF1USED,CLEAN M27128AF6 M27128AF6125V
M27128AFG M27128AFI M27128AFI-125V M27128AFIPGM125V M27128AFIPULL
M27128AZB M27128FIPGM M27128K M27128Z M27146-02
M27146-03 M27147-18A M2714TAM M27157-01 M2716
M27160 M27160100F1 M27160-150FI M27161-02 M27161-03
M27161-04 M27161-08 M271610F1 M271610F6 M271610R
M27161-10 M271612F1 M271612F6 M271615F1 M271615F6
M2716-1F M2716-1F1 M27161F14880A M2716-1F1L M2716-1F1REFUBISH
M2716-1F1REFURB M2716-1F1USED,CLEAN M2716-1F6 M2716-1FA M2716-1FG88A1
M2716-1FI M2716-1FL M271620F1 M271620F6 M2716-2F1
M27162F6 M27164-02 M27164-03 M27164-04 M27164-05
M27164-06 M27164-07 M27164-09 M27164-D6 M27165-02
M27165-04 M27165-06 M27165-07 M27165-08 M27165-18
M27-165SEPARADOR M27-166-02 M27166-03 M2716604 M27166-05
M27166-06 M27166-07 M27-166-10 M27166-12 M27166-15
M27167-03 M27167-07 M27167-08 M27167-09 M27167-17
M27167-18 M27167-32 M271690F1 M271690F6 M2716A
M2716A-10F1 M2716A-1F1 M2716A-2AF1 M2716A-2F1 M2716A2F6
M2716A2F621V M2716A-2FI M2716A-AF1 M2716-AF1 M2716AF1-21V
M2716AF1BULK M2716AF6 M2716AFI M2716C M2716F
M2716F1 M2716F14880A M2716F1488AA M2716F-16T M2716-F1CR
M2716F1G88AA M2716F1G88AB M2716F1G88AC M2716F1GT M2716F1-M8803
M2716F1M880A M2716F1REFUBISH M2716F1REFURB M2716F1ST M2716F1ST1524
M2716F1USED,CLEAN M2716F6 M2716-FI M2716FICR M2716-FIGT
M2716-IF1 M2716IF1REFURB M2716-IFI M2716K M2716Q
M2716Q-1 M2716RF1 M2716-RFI M27172-09 M27172-18
M27172-20 M27173-04 M27173-05 M271T M27207-13P
M27207-25 M27207-32P M27207-35 M27208 M27211-31P
M27218-22 M27240-05 M27240-06 M27241-04 M2725615
M2725617 M27256-1F1 M272561F1PULLS M27256-1F1REFURB M27256-1F1USED
M27256-1FI M27256-20 M27256-20DC M27256-20F1 M2725620F1PULLS
M2725620F6 M27256-20FI M27256-25F1 M27256-25F1ST M27256-25F1USED
M27256-25FI M27256-2F1 M27256-2F1NWPRO M27256-2F1PULL M27256-2F1-PULLS
M27256-2F1REFURB M27256-2F1USED M27256-2FI M2725630F1 M27256-3F1
M27256-45F1 M27256-4F1 M27256AD-20 M27256B15F6 M27256F1
M27256F14880B M27256F1-PULLS M27256F1REFURB M27256F1SG M27256F1USED
M27256F1USED,CLEAN M27256F6 M27256F6B0 M27256FI M27256ZB
M27286-01 M27286-02 M27286-04 M27286-07 M27286-08
M27286-2 M27287-01 M27287-03 M27287-04 M27287-05
M27287-07 M27288-01 M27288-05 M27288-07 M27289-04
M27289-05 M27289-06 M27289-07 M27289-08 M272KP-RCS
M27300-09 M27313-08 M27317-13 M2732A20F1 M2732A-25F1
M2732A-25F1REFURB M2732A-2F1 M2732A-2F121V M2732A-2F1-21V-FAST M2732A-2F121VFVSTCER
M2732A-2F1BULK M2732A-2F1-PRG M2732A-2F1PROG9935 M2732A-2F1-PULLS M2732A-2F1S
M2732A-2FI M2732A-2FI21V M2732A2FI2IV M2732A-3F1 M2732A3F121V
M2732A-3F1REFURB M2732A-3FI M2732A3FI21VFAST M2732A-3FIPULL M2732A-4F1
M2732A-4F1-21V M2732A4F1PULLS M2732A-4F1REFURB M2732A-4F1USED M2732A-4F1USED,CLEAN
M2732A4F6 M2732A-4FI M2732A4FI21V M2732A-4FIPULL M2732AF